Lower Back, Hip and Sciatic Pain with Dr. Yusuf Mihaylov

Bridge your understanding of western and Chinese medicine approach in holistically and comprehensively assessing and treating lower back, hip and sciatic issues. Learn lower back, hip and sciatic anatomical and physiological interconnection via innervation, muscles, fascia and meridians of the body, as well as symptoms and causes of related issues. Treatment options will include multi-modality massage therapy approach: segment-reflex massage techniques, Myofascial Release, Trigger point therapy and Acupressure therapy, as well as, stretching and strengthening to effectively address these issues.


Dr. Yusuf Mihaylov, AP is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner on staff at Jupiter Medical Hospital with many years of experience in acupuncture, massage therapy, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida College of Oriental Medicine with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies; extended his studies with a clinical internship at the largest military hospital in China, Beijing. Earlier, in 1991, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Medico-Biological Problems and Health Perfection in Russia, Moscow, where he successfully completed studies in Physical Rehabilitation with emphasis on medical massage, bone setting techniques and therapeutic exercises. In 1995, he graduated as a valedictorian from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City, where he deepened his extensive knowledge in bodywork.



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